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One of the most surprisingly difficult people to shop for can be our family members. We know them so well, but many people still struggle to find a gift that is special, useful, and appreciated. Perhaps you’re a wife looking for something special to give your husband, or a grandparent looking for something meaningful to give your grandchild who just moved into a new home, or secured an exciting new job, or perhaps just hit some huge life milestones such as getting married or having a baby. Metal art has proven to be a fantastic gift because it can be customized to literally anything you can think of. 

Most people start with something universally accepted when choosing the best metal art item. They will often start with a beautifully designed monogram with the recipient’s name inside of it. Family is forever and by giving someone the gift of their own name emblazoned into raw steel, they will be sure to smile upon their artwork for many years to come. You can easily choose any name by simply typing in the desired initial and full name. The creative options are endless! Let’s say the person’s last name is “Johnson,” well then you can choose the initial “J” and have the name spelled out as “Johnson.” But you can also, perhaps for a couple, get two monograms with the initial “J” and then insert the happy couple’s names into it such as “Debra” and “Richard” inside of the beautifully designed “J.” The same creativity can apply for when placing monograms outside or in business environments. Sometimes people will purchase large monograms and insert their company’s name, or they will hang them up around their garden and label them with the name of each part, such as “Vegetables,” “Flowers,” or “International.” 

Once you’ve decided on what name and initial to design inside of your monogram, you can then choose from a wide variety of size and color options so that the artwork can fit perfectly into whatever space a person decides. For people looking for something that runs on the more humble side, they will often choose to get the 18” monogram. These are great when being used as an accent piece for other items on a wall, to place somewhere where space is limited, or for people who want to place monograms into each room of their home or office. Next, and the most popular is the two-footer. It’s 24” by 24” and is the perfect size to command attention in a prominent position without being overwhelming or taking too much attention from other design pieces. The 24” is a great size to be placed near the family table, on the entryway of the home, or in the living room. The two-foot monograms are the perfect size for most people, not too small and not too big. To get an idea of how a two foot monogram would look in your home, just imagine that it’s about the height of a mini-fridge. The sizes then range all the way up to a MASSIVE five-foot, or 60” by 60”. To put this in perspective, this means that the monogram can be up to the height of your fridge, with just as much width, and weighs over 70lbs. 

Now once you’ve you chosen the desired name and ideal size, you can then choose the color. In order to keep things simple we currently offer the two most popular colors available for people, Shiny Silver and Powder Coat Black. The color you choose really depends on what type of surface the metal art will be placed on. If the background is dark, people will typically purchase a Shiny Silver monogram. And for light backgrounds people prefer the powdercoat black monogram so that it can be easily seen from any angle. The process of designing and purchasing a custom monogram can be completed in less time than the average person brushes their teeth and can cost as low as $59.99. 

So no matter what the occasion, or who that special person is that you’re wanting to get an extra special gift for, a beautiful custom monogram from Metal Art Global is sure to be a memorable gift that will be cherished for many years to come. We understand the importance of getting your products in the best quality and on time. This is why we offer customer service on social media, email, livechat, and through the phone where you can always speak to a real-life person to answer any questions or overcome any challenges. On top of that, we stand behind our iron-clad 14-day satisfaction guarantee return policy. If for any reason you are not satisfied with the product, or no longer have a use for it, then please feel free to ship the product back to us and we will refund the order for you. Metal Art Global is a family-run business that specializes in manufacturing art pieces from metal for people all over the world.